​Seahorses is a truly and independent film made outside the studio system. With this freedom, it is the filmmaker’s responsibility to take creative risks. I've always been driven to engage and audience with my unique world view. With Seahorses, I was committed to making a compelling work of art that is not only an individual statement, but also a focused collaboration of talented individuals. There was an emphasis on detail with this film from performance, to design to the filming of actual seahorses. Our dedicated lead actors committed to months of rehearsals. Working with Justine Waschberger and Ian Hutton was extremely rewarding as we were constantly worked on going deeper with the characters. The collaboration between myself, Director of Photography Basil Mironer and Production Designer Reed Johns was instrumental in creating Seahorses unique visual style. Producer Roxy Shih keep everything together even though we were working at a breakneck pace at times. I was very fortunate to work with people of great energy, talent and dedication that shared my vision. We became a film family, creating bonds we will remember for a lifetime and Seahorses is a result of the fruit of our labor.